About Us

It all began 20 years ago. A neighborhood walk in the El Cid area made us realize that there was not a casual dining restaurant available. We felt it would be a good idea to introduce healthy meals in a practical manner. This thinking sparked our passion for creating the ideal casual dining restaurant in the heart of West Palm Beach!

Our specialties are wraps, quesadillas, bowls, burgers, chicken wings and our famous fried green beans.

Look who popped in for a bite to eat?
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Food made for amazing friends and close family.

Food has been the best way to connect with friends and family since the beginning of civilization. With that in mind the owners created PB Wraps. Here you can sit down with friends and family and enjoy a great meal. All meals are prepared in-house so you will taste homemade love even if you are eating out.

The owner is an artist and car enthusiast who gave the restaurant life with his artistic creations. All the art pieces in this restaurant add a unique touch for all ages. The tasteful, artistic interior is sure to take your worries temporarily away and make you feel at home. PB Wraps is more than a restaurant; it is a place where friends meet, families gather and have a good time.

Share love, share the laughter with PB Wraps and we are always honored to be a part of your experience.

Meals crafted with intention.

The intention of PB Wraps is to provide a convenient yet healthy and delicious meal. The owners took inspiration from their hometown foods and incorporated them into the menus that they have proudly served for over 20 years.

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